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We invite industry professionals and decision makers to discuss new views on inland shipping.

Join the #IWTS 2.0 – Innovation Challenge!

What fundamental economic and political change is needed to position inland shipping as a key enabler in a future CO2-reduced transport system?




In what form can inland shipping benefit from increased digitization of logistics?

#IWTS 2.0 – Innovation Challenge








Inland shipping, or inland waterway transport (IWT), offers a cheap and environmentally friendly transport alternative. However, it is a niche player in Europe´s ca. 1 trillion EUR-logistics market: It accounts for just 6 % of the total European transport performance. The majority of transport chains rely on fossil-fuel driven road haulage, although plenty of European cities are conveniently located at rivers with ample capacity.

It is time to unleash the potential of inland shipping!

The EU-funded project #IWTS 2.0 invites young professionals in transportation and logistics and students of all faculties to join the Inland Waterway Innovation Challenge on the 8th October 2020.

This online-event is a day with your new and exciting ideas around two questions:

  • What fundamental technical, economic or political changes are needed to position inland shipping as a key enabler in a future CO2-reduced transport system?
  • In what form can inland shipping benefit from increased digitization of logistics?


Your contribution to the Innovation Challenge is your contribution to a more climate friendly economy. Offer your pitch to an audience of industry practitioners and get instant feedback!

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We want your ideas about inland waterway transportation. Register today and join the #IWTS 2.0 – Innovation Challenge.

  • Show your ability to find innovative solutions for inland transportation
  • Activate your creativity.
  • Hone your abilities in project development.
  • Refine your presentation skills.
  • Network with industry leaders and build your career in maritime logistics.



8th October 2020, 14.00 h – 16.30 h

Join as a class or in a small group of students/young professionals and share your ideas!


Join as an industry professional or decision maker and get inspiration!

 The event will be accessible on ONLINE only. The link will be distributed after registration. Follow the registration link by clicking on the button:

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What are our terms and conditions?

Terms and Conditions

Your contribution to the Challenge should include:

  • a Statement of Motivation
  • a Company/Team profile, including the identification of your association to a university or organisation of higher education.
  • and of course an appropriate documentation of your idea.


Deadline for Contributions is the 30th September 2020. The contest is open to students enrolled at universities in the European Union.

Contributions might be in the form of pdfs, mp4, apps etc. They should answer one of the questions set out above in a clear and informative manner. All contributions will be subject to a jury of industry experts. We expect selected groups to present their findings to a public audience.

The #IWTS 2.0 – Innovation Challenge will be a public conference under the heading of the #IWTS 2.0-project co-funded by the European Union and organized by bremenports GmbH & Co. KG. We will reserve the right to reject contributions.