What best gets inland waterway transportation onto the mental radar screens of young logistics professionals? If you said “practice, practice”, that´s what we would do as well. And practice they got. Our Transportation Lab provided them with invaluable case-study work to integrate inland shipping into long-distance transport chains. Prof. Dr. Lisa-Maria Putz and her team of University of Upper Austria, Steyr, presented a rewarding task to a group of students from the maritime transport programme of JADE Hochschule, Elsfleth. The virtual case involved the design of an intermodal transport chain of high-value construction machinery from Linz, Austria, to Singapore. The challenge was to integrate inland shipping for the hinterland transport to North-West European seaports to reap cost and quality benefits of inland navigation.

“We are thankful to the colleagues from Upper Austria as the case study required not only to address sustainability aspect of transport but also helped the students to develop important analytical and rhetorical skills”, summarised Prof. Dr. Falk von Seck of JADE Hochschule. “Events like the Transport Lab are a good tool to motivate young people to recognise inland waterway shipping as a viable transport alternative.”

The University of Upper Austria is a competence centre for inland navigation in Austria. The JADE Hochschule is well-known for its established Bachelor- and Master-degree programmes in shipping and maritime logistics.